Hi, My name is Ben Morris and this is my portfolio site. If you’d like any free evaluation copies of my software just drop me a line (my LinkedIn profile is here). Thanks for dropping by!

Download SimulationStarterKit below to create, package and share simple interactive applications with no licensing requirements on Windows, Linux and Android.

Package apps up as small as 3MB and publish as Windows Executables, Linux AppImages and Android APKs. If additional customisation is needed you can publish as Visual Studio, Linux and Android Studio (CMake-based) code projects in a few button clicks.

No IDEs or code compilation needed (if publishing your apps as executables from the editor). Simply make, publish and share.

As it’s plugin based, the functionality of both the engine and editor can be easily extended using code-wizards accessible from within the editor. Either fetch and compile extra required libraries specific to your use case into your generated app code projects or use the plugin approach to re-use and conditionally deploy your features as plugins along with your app.