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Pluggable Components and Systems

The entity, component system architecture enables the easy addition of components (behaviours) and systems (allocate and update components of a specific type in a cache friendly manner). Components can be attached to scene items to create more advanced scene elements and interactions. The engine supports the pluggable addition of systems and components. Systems and components can be defined within a shared library (aka “plugin”) which are then exported for loading into the engine and editor. The editor displays all loaded systems in the Systems tab and all loaded components can be attached to scene elements via the editor’s components panel. As with scene items the editor also reflects on system and component properties so they can be configured either manually (in the editor) or programmatically through script. Like scene elements, both system and component properties are serialised into the scene in a versionable format. Below is a short clip demonstrating the Physics plugin’s Physics System and the RigidBodyObjectComponent exported by the plugin.

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